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Moss Port is an installation design concept for ZigZagCity Rotterdam 2013. 

Chosen location on the route

Noordmolenwerf, Rotterdam


Put the focus back on the small things in a big and fast growing city like Rotterdam. The “smaller thing” on location I focused on was moss.


A design that would make people notice moss again. In a wet country like The Netherlands, moss is always present between the nooks and crannies of the pavement or cobble stone streets. It is natural, soft, and has a beautiful green color. 


In the design the focus is on the muting effect of moss. With the “Moss Port”, we created an installation in which people experience a moment of silence in a fast-paced, expanding, and always busy environment. The idea was to truly create a moment for themselves. 


Moss Port was nominated to travel with D-EXTO through The Netherlands for six months.

D-EXTO (Delft EXperience TOmorrow) is an initiative that is a sustainable innovation engine. D-EXTO has different sustainable projects and innovations that let visitors interact and see what the possibilities and effects are of nature and the human body.

Scale model: 1:50

​​Moss Port Traveling with D-EXTO


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