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My name is Nina van Styrum, an Exhibit & Experience Designer from the Netherlands, located in Brooklyn, NY.

As a designer, I get inspired by everyday life and have a passion to challenge myself to create the most unique, immersive and

story-driven experiences that surprise, engage and connect people with a brand and/or environment. I love being the ‘mood engineer’

of pop ups and events, but find just as much joy in story driven experiences surrounding these design creations.


I graduated from the Master in Exhibition & Experience Design from NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Before I came to New York,

I acquired a bachelor in Spatial Design with a specialization in sustainability, at Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam

and worked as an event & exhibition designer.


Always looking for new challenges and opportunities, to push myself to discover, and grow as a designer. I'll never stop enjoying the pleasure of creating new design experiences for people to enjoy.

to view more work of mine please visit

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