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Dropjes Pavilion

Exhibition & Graphic design 

Fashion Institute of Technology, 2016


Dropjes is a famous Dutch Licorice sweet with 80 different tastes and styles divided into 4 areas: hard & salty, hard & sweet, soft & salty, soft & sweet.


To introduce people to Dropjes I created a design experience where visitors discover and learn more about with Dropjes in a playful and interactive way. Visitors walk through an installation in which they enter the world of Dropjes through 6 different areas:

1. Entrance: Introduction and history of Dropjes

2. Soft & salty

3. Hard & salty

4. Soft & sweet

5. Hard & sweet

6. Exit: final 80


Areas 2 to 5 have information on the Dropjes,the ingredients, how it is made and use of interactive materials to interact with the Dropjes.

Eventually visitors will leave the installation with a full view of all 80 Dropjes that we have in The Netherlands.  


              Exhibition & Experience Designer